SIDELINES 24 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #96 24 September – Rob Browne in Sylacauga, Alabama… Jimmy in Chicago and a great lineup: Paul Kennedy – Veteran Broadcaster and former Voice of the Crimson Tide… Brad Logan of Logan Media Network on Mississippi State and Ole Miss… Jason Caldwell of ITAT on Auburn and Olin Buchanan of…previews the Big game vs Arkansas… Americans love Freedom and COLLEGE FOOTBALL! … Continue readingSIDELINES 24 September 2021

SIDELINES 22 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #94 22 September – SIDELINES kicks off your Wednesday mornings at 8am central… Rob Browne in Memphis and Jimmy Hodge in Chicago are joined by an All Star lineup: Mitch Davis of The Mitch Davis… Wess Moore of ESPN 103.7 in Little Rock on the Razorbacks… Jimmy Ott of ESPN 104.5 in Baton Rouge on LSU… Charlie Trotman on the SEC… We the People LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL … Continue readingSIDELINES 22 September 2021

SIDELINES 21 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #93 21 September – Your weekday mornings kick-off at 8:00am central with SIDELINES…It’s the first day of Fall. Rob Browne in Memphis and Jimmy in Chicago are joined by a powerful group of Football Ninjas! Jimmy Hyams in Knoxville on the Vols… Johnny “Ballpark” Franks on FSU… the SEC and Memphis… Richmond Weaver in Greenville, SC on Clemson and the ACC… COLLEGE FOOTBALL – Damn right it is! … Continue readingSIDELINES 21 September 2021

SIDELINES 20 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #92 20 September – SIDELINES kicks off your Monday morning with host Rob Browne and Jimmy Hodge talking College Football with Yancey Porter of 24/7 Sports on Ole Miss… Doug Dean of AU Daily Dose insightful commentary… Harold Graeter, Executive VP of AutoZone Liberty Bowl…Lively discussion including safety of the game and the weekends games, America’s Fighting Back! … Continue readingSIDELINES 20 September 2021

SIDELINES 14 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #88 14 September – with Rob Browne in Parkin, AR and Jimmy Hodge back in Chicago. Today we are joined by a great team of Guests – Yancey Porter 24/7 Sports on Ole Miss… Johnny “Ballpark” Franks on FSU/ College Football coming back… Richmond Weaver on Clemson/ ACC… Lively discussion of the Greatest Game! … Continue readingSIDELINES 14 September 2021

SIDELINES 13 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #87 13 September – Monday morning edition with Rob Browne in Memphis.. Jimmy Hodge in Chicago… Let’s talk College Football with Wess Moore of ESPN 103.7 the Buzz on Arkansas’s big Win over Texas… Doug Dean of the AU Daily Dose on Auburn vs Penn State… We cover Football in Dixie like Kudzu and Cotton … Continue readingSIDELINES 13 September 2021

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