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🏈 Latest Show: SIDELINES 11 April 2021 – Rob Browne and the SIDELINES Sunday afternoon Wrap Up show includes LORAN Smith checking on from the Masters… Jimmy Hodge… Jake Crain of the Jboy Show, talking College Football and Basketball as well as Recruiting…Buckle Up!

SIDELINES 10 April 2021 – Saturday’s edition of SIDELINES kicks off your Saturday morning with Host Rob Browne. Lots of talk about the Transfer Portal and how it’s the opposite of real life… Jimmy Hodge… Mitch Davis…. Ohio State Buckeye Jimmie Bell… Maury Gaston.. lots of great talk about College Football.

SIDELINES LIVE WEB EDITION #42 9 April 2021 – Friday’s edition of SIDELINES kicks off your weekend with your host Rob Browne and Jimmy Hodge. A host of guests… including LORAN Smith, live from The Masters, Rodney Orr of Tider Insider, Former Arkansas and Auburn RB Coach Tim Horton, Tommy Christenbury and Jimmy Ott weighs in on LSU.

SIDELINES 8 April 2021 – Rob Browne talks with Former Arkansas and Auburn RB Coach Tim Horton… Tim will be inducted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, April, 17th.

SIDELINES 6 April 2021 – SIDELINES Host Rob Browne and Jimmy Hodge are joined by LORAN Smith, He’s written five books on the Masters… from Augusta, Georgia at The Masters Golf Tournament… LORAN will be attending his 62nd Consecutive Masters… Lots of Great Stories and Memories from Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia..

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SIDELINES 28 March 2021

SIDELINES 28 March 2021 – It’s the SIDELINES Sunday Wrap-Up Show with Rob Browne @sidelines_live – March Madness is the topic of the day along with College Football and the Spring Practice Preview… National Checkup on the “ So called Blue Bloods,” where are they now? Jimmy Hodge… Gordon Ford and Doug Dean…LIVE every Sunday @ 3pm Central only at … Continue readingSIDELINES 28 March 2021

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