🏈 Latest Show: SIDELINES LIVE #147 7 December 2021 –  Enter to Win a $100 gift certificate to Hewlett and Dunn by becoming a Patreon Sponsor! Rob Browne in Parkin, Arkansas and Jimmy in Chicago are joined by Johnny “ Ballpark” Franks and his Big Picture of College Football along with Richmond Weaver from Rich take on Sports and the Clemson / ACC … Lots of Big 10 vs SEC talk… 

SIDELINES LIVE #146 6 December 2021 –  Become a Patreon Sponsor and automatically be entered into a $100 gift certificate at Hewlett and Dunn… Rob Browne in Parkin, Arkansas and Jimmy in Lake Zurich…are joined by Yancy Porter in Oxford as he fills us in on Lane Kiffin’s Contract with Ole Miss…and talks Arch Manning… Doug Dean talks Auburn and some good news on the Plains… Rodney Orr of Tider Insider talks Bama’s win over Georgia… We cover College Football in Dixie like Kudzu and Cotton!

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