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SIDELINES 2 October 2021

SIDELINES 2 October 2021 – Saturday’s Edition of SIDELINES on Sports56 with your host Rob Browne, Jimmy Hodge in Tuscaloosa, Gordon Ford in Memphis with Sports56 producers Ryan and Darrion. Jimmy Ott in Baton Rouge…Yancey Porter of 24/7 Sports on Ole Miss vs Alabama… Buddy Martin on the Florida Gators, Doug Dean on AU Daily Dose… We LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL and FREEDOM … Continue readingSIDELINES 2 October 2021

SIDELINES 1 October 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #101 1 October – Rob Browne and Jimmy Hodge – Lineup of College Football talk with Charlie Trotman in Montgomery on Auburn vs LSU… Rodney Orr of Tider Insider on Ole Miss vs Alabama Olin Buchanan of on Texas A&M vs Mississippi State and Loran Smith on Georgia vs Arkansas… College Football = FREEDOM… God Bless Americans … Continue readingSIDELINES 1 October 2021

SIDELINES 25 September 2021

SIDELINES 25 September – Saturday’s Edition of SIDELINES on Sports56 with your host Rob Browne on the Chattahooche River in Columbus, Ga, Jimmy Hodge in Chicago, Gordon Ford in Memphis with Sports56 producer Darrion Newsome. Today’s ninja lineup: Ole Miss AD Keith Carter… Rodney Orr of Tider Insider… Charlie Trotman on today’s Top College Football Games… it’s GAME ON for COLLEGE FOOTBALL ! … Continue readingSIDELINES 25 September 2021

SIDELINES 24 September 2021

SIDELINES LIVE #96 24 September – Rob Browne in Sylacauga, Alabama… Jimmy in Chicago and a great lineup: Paul Kennedy – Veteran Broadcaster and former Voice of the Crimson Tide… Brad Logan of Logan Media Network on Mississippi State and Ole Miss… Jason Caldwell of ITAT on Auburn and Olin Buchanan of…previews the Big game vs Arkansas… Americans love Freedom and COLLEGE FOOTBALL! … Continue readingSIDELINES 24 September 2021

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