SIDELINES 27 March 2021

SIDELINES 27 March 2021 – Saturday’s edition of SIDELINES with Host Rob Browne – Two hours of College Football and Basketball talk with Jimmy Hodge, Mitch Davis, Zach Taylor on Texas A & M, Gordon Ford, Coach Sonny Smith on the NCAA tournament and the future of College Athletics

Hour 1: Rob Browne opens up the show talking to co-host Mitch Davis
about NCAA baseball they then move into March Madness with guest Jimmy
Hodge, taking some time to talk about Indiana’s struggles. Zach Taylor from
College Station joins the show later to discuss Texas A&M. 

Hour 2: Rob Browne opens up hour two with Zach Taylor, Jimmy Hodge,
and Mitch Davis and more Texas A&M talk. Coach Sonny Smith joins the show
shortly after to talk about the teams left in the NCAA Tournament. Later in
the show Mitch talks about the NIT and Gordon Ford joins the show to add
his input about NCAA basketball. Produced by Skylar Oliver.


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