SIDELINES 21 August 2020

SIDELINES LIVE WEB EDITION #9 25 August 2020 – Rob is broadcasting Live from Pimentos, Memphis, TN.

This Friday’s edition of kicks off at 3:00 Central and will be loaded up with two full hours of College Football talk. We’re gonna have Guests from around the SEC and cover the Memphis Tigers and your favorite teams. The schedule’s are set and it’s Game on! Listen in at and text your questions or email them before during and after the show. Thanks so much for tuning in. We’re here to SERVE!

*The WEB EDITION of Sidelines kicks off Friday’s at 3:00 Central/4:00 Eastern… and runs for two hours until 5:00 Central/6:00 Eastern…We’re broadcasting exclusively on our website at You can listen live also on any number of Apps available, they’re listed on our website at…

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