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SIDELINES 10 October 2020

SIDELINES 10 October 2020 – This show: Sidelines kicks off your Saturday morning from 8:00-10:00 am Central/9:00-11:00 am Eastern… We’re live on Sports 56 WHBQ… and of course on our website at… We’ve got a lot to talk about with today’s College Football Matchups… Gordon Ford will weigh in on the Ole Miss vs Alabama game … Mark Murphy on the Auburn vs Arkansas matchup… Loran Smith’s calling in  from Athens,Ga. to talk Dawgs vs Volunteer’s… Mitch Davis on Rivals.Com with the Memphis Tigers Report… Jimmy Hodge on the National College Football Scene…We ain’t got time for wimps, whiners or negativity… We find excuses to WIN… Please Support our Sponsors and we love our listeners… 🏈 … Continue readingSIDELINES 10 October 2020

SIDELINES 19 September 2020

SIDELINES 19 September 2020 – Join Rob for Saturday mornings on SIDELINES. This show: Dana Marquez the Director of Equipment Operations at Auburn University, Jimmy Hodge – National Football Contributor, Rodney Orr of Tider Insider, Mitch Davis of on the Memphis Tigers and AAC, Billy Roberts and Frank “Mr LSU’ from Atlanta. 🏈 … Continue readingSIDELINES 19 September 2020

SIDELINES 12 September 2020

SIDELINES 12 September 2020 – Join Rob for Saturday mornings on SIDELINES. Sidelines is going to kickoff your Saturday morning with a Salute to our Great Nation… I think y’all are gonna enjoy this, it’s what allows us to live free in the greatest Nation on Earth…We’ve got Dr David Rudd- U of M President… Jimmy Hodge on The National College Football Scene and the always entertaining College Football ROUNDTABLE… Thanks so much for listening! 🏈 … Continue readingSIDELINES 12 September 2020

SIDELINES 5 September 2020

SIDELINES 5 September 2020 – Join Rob for Saturday mornings on SIDELINES. It’s a Great Day to be an American… It’s opening day of Dove Season and Sidelines is going to make the day even better…Listen live from 8:00-10:00 am Central 9:00-11:00 am Eastern on Sports 56 WHBQ and on our website at Today’s show we have Mitch Davis of Rivals.Com in the Studio along with Guests from around the South talking about College Football. We’re gonna tell a few stories! Preview today’s Matchups and one more thing… We’re a Sports Radio Show! We talk about Sports and the people who play and Coach…We don’t tolerate negativity and whining! We find excuses to WIN… 🏈 … Continue readingSIDELINES 5 September 2020

SIDELINES 29 August 2020

SIDELINES 29 August 2020 – Join Rob for Saturday mornings on SIDELINES. We’re ready for another 2 Hours of College Football Talk. We’re going to be joined in the studio by Mitch Davis, Rivals.Com Reporter for the Memphis Tigers… Loran Smith of the Georgia Football Network… Phillip Marshall AU Undercover and 24/7 Sports… Along with National College Football Analyst Jimmy Hodge… and the College Football Roundtable. 🏈 … Continue readingSIDELINES 29 August 2020

SIDELINES 22 August 2020

SIDELINES 22 August 2020 – We’ve stacked the show with a GREAT lineup of Guests who will deliver the latest News and Opinion on College Football…Tommy Tuberville, Jeff Cardozo from The Florida Gator Football Network, Mitch Davis of Memphis Tigers –, Phillip Marshall of AU Undercover- 24/7 Sports, plus the SEC Roundtable…We don’t waste time on the whining and negativity… On SIDELINES we find excuses to WIN! 🏈 … Continue readingSIDELINES 22 August 2020

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