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SIDELINES 22 July 2023

SIDELINES LIVE 22 July 2023 – LiVE@8am CST it’s the Saturday Round Table featuring Bo Carter @bcarter52 NFF, Kevin Scarbinsky @KevinScarbinsky The Birmingham Lede, Eddie Murphey The Ed Murphey Track & Field Classic, Larry Gautier Orange Bowl Committee, @buddyshow from The Buddy Martin Show and Rob Browne! … Listen to the show…SIDELINES 22 July 2023

SIDELINES 15 July 2023

SIDELINES LIVE 15 July 2023 – LiVE@ 8am it’s Saturday, it’s @SIDELINES_LIVEWe are getting ready to roll out to SEC Media Days! Before we depart let’s catch up with Dave Tompkins, Maury Gaston, Eddie Murphey, Buddy Martin @buddyshow, Kevin Scarbinsky @KevinScarbinsky, John Hartwell  @john_hartwell and Rob Browne. … Listen to the show…SIDELINES 15 July 2023

SIDELINES 8 July 2023

SIDELINES LIVE 8 July 2023 – LiVE@ 8am it’s Saturday, it’s @SIDELINES_LIVE it’s the Round Table with SIDELINES Saturday Round Table…..Frank Duffy, Inside the Auburn Tigers Jason Caldwell, The Birmingham Lede Kevin Scarbinsky, A Daily Dose of Doug Dean, Buddy from the Buddy Martin Show and Gator Bait Media….and Rob Browne. … Listen to the show…SIDELINES 8 July 2023

SIDELINES 24 June 2023

SIDELINES LIVE 24 June 2023 – SIDELINES LIVE #534 24 June 2023 -LiVE@ 8am it’s Saturday, it’s @SIDELINES_LIVE  it’s the Round Table with Billy Roberts in Atlanta, BIG 12 Bo Carter @bcarter52, Franz Beard @Franz21433Beard. Frank Duffy and Rob Browne…. #CollegeWorldSeries it’s on! … Listen to the show…SIDELINES 24 June 2023

SIDELINES 17 June 2023

SIDELINES LIVE 17 June 2023 – LiVE@ 8am CST Saturday it’s our Round Table: @JoshGrahamRadio checks in from Winston Salem NC to talk about Demon Deacons, A Daily Dose of @DeanEagle5, @FrankDuffy checks in from Omaha, @KevinScarbinsky, @Franz21433Beard from @buddyshow and Gator Bait Media… … Listen to the show…SIDELINES 17 June 2023